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Floats in embedded C

  09/06/21 23:57, by , Categories: Linux embedded
Floats in embedded C

So I have finally been forced to use floats in an embedded system!!! Yes it does have an FPU and should even support double point precision so what's the problem ? Well now I have to watch my code even more due to the many cavets of using floats and doubles in C. Just have a look at these few questions and decide for yourself.

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Linux Memory Technology Device mounting by label

  08/02/19 18:23, by , Categories: Uncategorized, Linux embedded
Linux Memory Technology Device mounting by label

Linux filesystems are usually configured by the /etc/fstab file.

Instead of mounting by block device name (eg. /dev/sda1) and having to remember which partition is which, we can also mount by Label name.

This is easy on a SATA hard-disk or even a USB memory-stick. But how does this work for a Memory Technology Device, like a NOR flash for example?

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Linux Memory Technology Device mounting by label

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