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Linux Memory Technology Device mounting by label

  08/02/19 18:23, by , Categories: Uncategorized, Linux embedded
Linux Memory Technology Device mounting by label

Linux filesystems are usually configured by the /etc/fstab file.

Instead of mounting by block device name (eg. /dev/sda1) and having to remember which partition is which, we can also mount by Label name.

This is easy on a SATA hard-disk or even a USB memory-stick. But how does this work for a Memory Technology Device, like a NOR flash for example?

On an embedded Linux system we often have other forms of Non-Volatile storage. Flash RAM in the form of a NAND or NOR chips is typical on an embedded system.

They are NOT block devices and we cannot format them as ext4 or fat etc.

They may however be partitioned in Linux using the Device-Tree (or in the platform). This then creates /dev/mtdblockN devices where N is the partition number.

And the labels are shown in the /proc/mtd file.

However the usual way of eg. LABEL=DATA /home ext4 defaults 0 1 will not work here.

Instead, this is what you can do if you have an MTD partition labeled DATA ...

mtd:DATA /home jffs2 rw,relatime 0 0


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Linux Memory Technology Device mounting by label

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