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Wider Horizons 1992 - The trip to New York.

This is a site about my "Internship" (Work experience) trip to New York in 1992.
We were a group of 14 people from the North(8) and South(6) of Ireland that left for NY on the 9thof July.
We worked in Recording studios during the day and went to College(NYU) in the evenings.
And a night we went to the various music venues in town.
We are :
NAME North or SouthNowNotes
Kieran CrossSouth?From Limerick
Catriona DevinSouth
Elaine RooneySouth
Ken AlcockSouthRTE TV Sound, Dublin.Wexford man.
Dee KyleNorthHouse Engineer (PA and FOH) Belfast Empire.
Jim GilmoreNorth
petesyb at yahoo dot com Petesy BurnsNorthBelfast. Ex-member of "Stalag 17" bandpetesyb@yahoo.com
Stewart MartinNorth
Lou-anne MartinNorth
Alistar ReddickNorth
Michael Mc WilliamsNorth
Maurice Mc NabbNorthWorks for U105 Radio (UTV), BelfastMaurice Jay From Holywood, Co. Down Check out the anorak Wiki
Simon GaynorSouthWorks in Karlstad, Sweden. Industrial Control Consultant. ÅF Linux !Worked in TV sound RTE, Dublin for 3 years, met a Swedish girl and left everything and moved to Sweden. Now 2 sons (2002 and 2007) and 1 daughter (2004).
Graham Mackey 2nd Aug.SouthMaking music?? and living in Nanaimo, Vancouver island, Canada.Co. Meath

There were also a number of coordinators ...
NAME North or SouthNowNotes
Jerome MorriseySouthDirector of the National Centre for Technology in Education.
Keith DonaldBoth!www.keithdonald.com
Adree WallaceNorthCommunity worker Belfast.
Brigid HigginsNew York(South)Teaches high schools kids in hospital New York.

More details from / to me(Simon G) wh at simong.net
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