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Friday 23 June 2017
05:25.20 CEST
Week #25 Day #174
You appear to be connecting via IPV4 from
ec2-54-166-211-248.compute-1.amazonaws.com United States
05:20147542.626Electric meter 1countKW
05:2017.375Pump housetemp
05:2027.08Electric meter 2countKW
05:2040381.8Filtered watercountWater
05:10147542.242Electric meter 1countKW2.30 KW
05:1040381.8Filtered watercountWater
05:1027.08Electric meter 2countKW
05:1017.375Pump housetemp
05:00147541.893Electric meter 1countKW2.09 KW
05:0040381.8Filtered watercountWater
05:0027.078Electric meter 2countKW0.01 KW
05:0017.4375Pump housetemp-0.0625
04:5027.078Electric meter 2countKW
04:5017.4375Pump housetemp
04:5040381.8Filtered watercountWater
04:50147541.74Electric meter 1countKW0.92 KW
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